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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

every step i take is like a kick in the face, then a kick in the gut, then again in the face. I lunched her - what have i done?

the Have club sandwich
from: the H.A.V.E. cafe
price: $7ish
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: man factory
comments: my first time to the HAVE cafe. and by jove, I'll be going back! tasty food, decent prices, big portions and nice people. I like it. the reason I quote manfactory today is not just because I listen to it most every day. I got my cd in the mail today! yay! then I'm all like... ok, a cd.. what do I do with this thing?? the best part was this note they included with the disc. funny. now click my lunch to see the workplace of a long-time LATV viewer's wife. long-time? forever time, more like. I bet he's never missed a post!

and bill had:

veggie pasta
comments: is there any point in me putting the word 'veggie' in front of bill's food? methinksnot. it's kinda funny that most every workplace I've been to, there's been a pretty regular veggie lunch guest. don't they understand bacon!? now click to see the john watch sign that made me imagine all sorts of funny things. who is this john? how does he watch? is HE a watch? want another wiggly? ok



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