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Friday, March 05, 2010

we killed the time and I lunch you dear

prime rib sandwich
from: the keg
price: like $17, but for me... free! thanks to john!
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: new massive attack
comments: today, john wu treated me to lunch, cuz I told him how he could win some olympic tickets. fair trade, methinks. anyway, the keg is not a place for great food. nor great prices. I only rated this lunch a 3 because it was free for me. otherwise, it was rather disappointing. the meat was cold in the sandwiches. and a tip was forced onto our bill. was this because we had 6 people? or because the olympics changed things? not sure. but to me, 6 is not the size that demands any forced tip. maybe 8 or more. lame. and cold prime rib?? not cool, man. I guess this is why I rarely go to the keg. but thanks for lunch, john! it was still nice to see everyone and the potatoes were hot, even if it looked like someone had take a bite before I got it.

and john had:

cold prime rib sandwich, too
comments: john seemed to enjoy his yam fries. but he was a little disappointed that the meat was cold. and rightly so. click his lunch to see a wiggly building I saw on my way home. see those 3 little black dots in the sky on the right? eagles. 3 eagles. chillin downtown. crazy.

and the girls:

had lunch, too. but I'm not posting all the pics.
comments: also joining us for lunch today was donald, vivian, xtina and lauren. I took pics of some of their lunches, but I'm not posting them all. too many lunches for 1 post. click to see shots from the georgia viaduct. now that it's open again. yay.



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