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Monday, March 15, 2010

she broke my heart but I lunch her just the same now

from: home.
price: blah blah
rating: what you think?
listening to: deep purple
comments: yes. another bagelwich. they are hard to beat for a home meal. and after lunch, I wandered up to Queen E park with my gigapan! finally, you can see a decent gigapan. go on, click my lunch and explore. this was only shot with my 55mm lens. when I set up the same shot with the 200mm lens, it wanted to take 1148 photos. yikes. I calculated that this would take about 40 minutes to shoot. and since it was almost evening, I couldn't chance it. the less zoomed lens took about 1/10th of the time. I'll try a 200mm one soon, but I need a lot of batteries.

and on the weekend I took in:

a sledge hockey game
comments: it's been a crazy time here lately. I went to both olympic and paralympic hockey games for the first time ever. actually, i think it was my first time just going to any hockey game. click to see the crowd going wild. maybe they were doing the wave. I forget. and here's an action shot if you want to see. btw, norway beat sweden in a shoutout. yeah. that's right. I said shoutout. hollah!



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