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Thursday, March 04, 2010

lunch, lunch, lunch. there's nothing you can do that can't be done.

croque monsieur!
de: two chefs and a table
prix: $9
le rating: &&&&/&&&&&
ecoute de: the beatles
les commentes: ok, the truth is that I had to stop listening to the new street fighter album just to find another song quote with "love" in it. ok, now back to man factory. I met bill for lunch today. he is equally stoked to listen to Round Two. my lunch was pretty good. I really only ordered it because of the name of the dish. but bill's mac and cheese looked better. next time... now click to see a funny sign in a window that reads, "raymond moved please do not disturb tenant". I'm thinking maybe raymond was a drug dealer?

and bill had:

the mac and cheese
comments: so this 'two chefs and a table' place is right by bill's work. and it's quite tasty. I'm sure I'll be back there to try some other dishes. click bill's lunch to see the front of the restaurant. you still hungry for wigglies? ok, have a look at the third member of 50ftware and his dancing doggy



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