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Friday, February 05, 2010

well I lunch you and I want you

lamb shank noodle soup
from: legendary noodle house
price: I forget, $6ish?
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to: matthew sweet
comments: lunch with tommy, travis, teo, phil and dana. legendary noodles. and after that I had a salt spring island coffee latteeee. click to see said latte.

and travis had:

something other than the lamb.
comments: travis tried something different that the usual. he said he would order it again. I'm sure everything at legendary is legendary. click to see something I saw posted on a pay phone. is this graffiti? or art? or public service? or littering? I'm not sure. but it wiggled interestingly.

and tommy had:

"bubble muscle" in his soup.
comments: we weren't sure what bubble muscle meant. or was it 'beef bubble'? nah, I think it said muscle. anyway, click to see a toy soldier atop my local toy store.

and we shared:

steamed juicy dumplings and spinach vermicelli
comments: you're looking at the dumplngs. if you click em, you'll see the noodles n spinach. man, I love these two dishes.



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