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Sunday, January 17, 2010

hello Diego!

comments: this is a special non lunch-related post because Greg and Nicole created life today!! (today. jan 17th... that's what today is, ok!? nevermind you that the linked pictures are from 2 days in the future!)

and he got to hang out in a:

UV incubator!
comments: so, I don't remember things like baby measurement details, but his name is Diego, and he was born in the morning around 11:30, and I think he weighed just under 7 pounds. you see him here in his incubator which is for the bit of jaundice he seemed to have. other than that, everyone is healthy and fine, and enjoying their stay at bc women's hotel for babies entering earth and stuff. click for wigglies. interesting note... UV incubators make for great black and white photos.



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