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Thursday, November 19, 2009

oh no lunch, you're not alone!

breakfast with coffee
from: the cambie cafe
price: $6
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: david bowie, rock n roll suicide
comments: we had often wondered how good the cambie cafe is. and it's not that great. it's cheap. nice and cheap. but the food does not compare to nice cafe. click to see a sweet caddy we saw on the way to lunch. on an unrelated note, it's erin's birthday today. happy birthday, erin!

and phil had:

some processed cheese on his omelette
comments: click phil's lunch for another shot of that caddy. that thing is perfect. oh, and it's very rainy lately, which makes it tough to pull the camera out that often. deal with it.

and travis had:

fried rice
comments: click travis's lunch to see a very dusty old monte carlo that's permanently parked in the parking lot of our building. alone, there's not much remarkable. but if you look at what someone wrote on its trunk you might laugh. cuz it's funny. but remember kids, don't write in the dust on old cars! it wreaks havoc on the paint!



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