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Thursday, November 12, 2009

like a luncher's voice fires the mountainside

beef n eggplant green curry
from: pad thai
price: $7
rating: &&&&/&&&&&&
listening to: big country
comments: I'm not sick anymore. so back to lunches and wigglies with a bang! click my lunch to see the still-smouldering-fire I came across on my way to work today.

and travis had:

pad thai
comments: click travis's lunch to see travis's shirt. definitely the best of his zany t-shirts. I actually understand this one. I speak foos.

and teo had:

some chicken and eggplant dish
comments: so this fire. it was big. it burned through the hours of the wee morning. or the wee hours of the morning. anyway, kishu island, slickety jim's and some accounting place are gone. gone also is building that used to be Big Hug bakery. man, that place has been gone for years. too bad, I liked that place. anyway. I guess lugz is gone, too. big fire.

and dana had:

ginger chicken
comments: when I went back to see the destruction at lunch, they had an excavator digging through the rubble, uncovering parts that were still burning. click on dana's lunch, and you can kinda see the little flame that I saw. it was still burning. burning. fire.

and phil had:

beef with black bean
comments: click phil's lunch to see one of the wigglies I liked best from this fire. if you want to see more, there's lots. I made way too many wigglies trying to compensate for the lack of wigglies during my illness. here's the whole set

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