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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

where is this lunch to make me cry out for more?

salted fish and chicken fried rice (and a noodle dish)
from: gold stone (in chinatown)
price: about $17 for all
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: the payolas
comments: I met ritchie for chinese food today. the gold stone is that place with the most awesome uniforms you ever seen. I tried to take some stealthy photos of the uniforms but no good ones. click to see a chinatown parking lot all wiggly.

and this was:

the noodles
comments: yep. noodles. the food here is good. not crazy awesome or anything, but better than The Boss, I think. click to see the rainbow that happened later in the afternoon. I titlshifted it. why? dunno. just did.

meanwhile, back at the office, chris had:

ciabatta from the Swiss Bakery
comments: click chris's lunch to see the dewatering barges by science world. after reading the wiki page about dewatering, I'm still not sure what they are doing there. perhaps cleaning the toxins buried in the dirt under false creek? I'm really not sure.



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