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Thursday, October 01, 2009

my true lunch, my only one, don'tchya see?

sushi special combo
from: sushi e near save on foods on cambie
price: $6.83 or something
rating: &&&&/&&&&&&
listening to: cowboy junkies
comments: tried a new sushi place today. my combo was very cheap, and filled me to excess. I recommend. although, there's not much seating room at the place, so I recommend you take it out, or just don't go with many people. click to see the view from where I was sitting.

and tommy had:

the california combo
comments: I think tommy's lunch was also cheap. but no miso with that combo. click to see soy sauce. what? really? soy sauce? ok ok ok. not much for wigglies today.

and dave had:

a slightly fancier combo
comments: click dave's lunch to see some bones. maybe bird bones, not sure. they were on the roof, so they were definitely put there by birds. it kinda looks like some crazy skull, but I think it's more like a hip bone.



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