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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

jesus lunches you more than you will know

peppery beef fried noodles, fish n tofu
from: The Boss (on main st, chinatown)
price: about $10 each
rating: &&.5/&&&&&
listening to: simon and garfield
comments: tried "The Boss" in chinatown today. I wasn't very impressed. this beefy noodle dish was quite good, but the other dishes... not so good. we ordered "fried flying fish"... but they just kinda looked like herring or something. didn't really look like flying fish, but I can't say for sure. and the deep fried tofu... ugh. kwong chow or congee noodle house should teach them how to make that. DO NOT CLICK THE PIC!! ok, now that you've been warned, click it only if you want to see a dead rat.

and this was supposedly:

fried flying fish
comments: can anyone tell me what kinda fish these are? they're the deep fried ones full of off-white-ish eggs. but I doubt they are flying fish. click to see some interesting guerrilla advertising. it's an aritst's website. I commend the the advertising technique. very nice.

and the tofu was:

pretty horrible
comments: man, this dish was waaaaaay too salty. plus, fried with garlic? full cloves? really?? dear the boss, please get recipe for this from Kwong Chow or Congee Noodle House. click to see the bucket where we should have put this dish .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm.. is it smelt with eggs? :) Asian (Chinese people) love them :D I love them! :D


October 11, 2009 10:52 AM  

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