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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I want so badly to believe that there is truth, that lunch is real

vietnamese subs
from: Bale
price: $2.75 each
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: postal service
comments: today I read about this interesting photography technique called the Harris Shutter Effect. you can see some cool examples of it on flickr. but for now, click my lunch to see a harris shutter wiggly!!! the first in the world? I doubt it. basically, what it does it makes still things look normal and things that move between the exposures get rainbowy colours. fun!

and dave had:

sushi, from sushi e
comments: click dave's lunch for another harris shutter wiggly. so, my usual wigglies take 2-4 photos, right? those new ones took 9 photos. each frame of the wiggly is 3 photos. good thing I don't use film. but I also found a tricky way to take my regular 3 frames, add the effect, and then wigglize. here's am example of that. doesn't seem quite as good, but maybe it's just the content. I will be playing with that.

and tommy had:

a chickeny sandwich
comments: for some more variations on this effect, click tommy's sandwich. this wiggly simply has 1 frame that's been all rainbowed up. expect a lot more of these photos. you know, once I learn a new technique, I'm a gonna milk it until everyone hates it! like this one which is kind of a harris effect, tilt shift(ish) wiggly. I'll try to shoot that in IR next time. ha.



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