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Friday, October 02, 2009

I know something about lunch

the lunch special
from: aisha tandoori
price: $5.99
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: the exciters
comments: we tried to go to a few places today, but they were too busy. so we ended up at aisha tandoori at cambie and broadway. this used to be run by the people that ran curry express at the village. it's not anymore. but the food is good. most dishes were pretty expensive, so we all had the special. other than having to more tables, cuz the onions from the kitchen were stinging our eyes, it was an enjoyable lunch. click to see me being a statue.

here's how it looked:

closer upper.
comments: click to see cambie street.

and we also had:

kingfisher beer
comments: each bottle of beer was almost the same price as the meal. meh. click to see some of the nerds I was eating with.

and afterwards, some had:

artigiano coffees
comments: click the coffee to see who visited the office today! it was shiho's baby! I think I heard her say her name was Annette, but I'm not positive.



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