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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lunch is not optional.

2 eggs. oh, and a milkshake.
from: Nice Cafe
price: about $10 with the shake
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: dave
comments: 6 lunches featured today. all with links to wigglies. bust that. click my eggs to see a local gang of thugs a-killing bill. aw yeah.

and bill had:

mexican omelette
comments: click bill's lunch for a stiller view of him gettin stomped.

and dana had:

an alberni benny
comments: click dana's benny to see the Gordon Freeman truck.

and dave had:

an egg sandwich
comments: click dave's lunch to see a sweet roadrunner I saw whilst biking round richmond on monday. someone buy me this car, k?

and phil had:

comments: click phil's to see another pic from my richmond bike ride. this one was taken just about here.

and travis had:

your momelette
comments: ok ok, 5 guest lunches is way too many. but I had so many wigglies to link to. and this last on shows the crap weather that I left in the 'couve for the nice sunny weather that I had in richmond.



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