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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

back to work.

paninini and couscous
from: the butler did it
price: $8.50
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: my holiday is over. I'm working again. only five and a half months off. next time this happens, I think I should try to break 6 months. there are some good things about being back to work. one being access to the roof. there were some gulls born and raised on our roof this year. I missed it. you can click to see the nest they were raised in. not much of a nest. just a pile of stuff, really.

and phil had:

a similar lunch, minus the couscous
comments: click phil's lunch to see the newest toy from his desk. these silver balls are all magnets, and it's very tricky to get them into this cube shape. I failed at it.

and travis had:

a smaller lunch
comments: click travis's lunch to see some of the best graffiti from our back alley.

and dana had:

just a sandwich
comments: click dana's lunch to see the city a-wiggly. and stay tuned for more regular posts. not that I'm employed, I have no excuse to not update this blog regularly.



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