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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

all I need is lunch. (good luncheon!) all I want is lunch!

"greek" omelette and a coffee/banana shake
from: the sunny spot cafe (Main @ 11th)
price: $7.25 + $3.25
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: the young rascals (I bet they're not young anymore!)
comments: decent lunch today. I think nice cafe is a bit better, but the value at the sunny spot is pretty good. click to see the sun trying to go down. it succeeded in the end. the very last day of summer. it is now fall. adapt.

and teo had:

pancakes; 1 blueberry, 1 banana
comments: teo had his pancakes customized to meet his needs. I think his needs were met. click to see the tiny fancy coffee that he had after lunch. he was berated by the hipster barista to get this drink, so I hope he enjoyed it.

and travis had:

the 'potato lovers' breakfast
comments: I'm not sure how a potato lover would like this dish. really, I expected more potatoes. click to see #1 Kingsway. looks like it's close to completion. but how close? I dunno. maybe another year or two?



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