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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I hear you need somebody to lunch

breakfast special with strawberry stuffed french toast
from: IHOP (burnaby)
price: $10ish
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: matthew sweet
comments: I had to go to burnaby today to return a camera... that just wasn't... well, not good enough for me. :) so I got to go to IHOP. which I love doing. but the food always looks better than it tastes. oh well. after lunch, we explored the new skytrain/bike/pedestrian bridge to richmond. it's pretty nice. click to see how magically it works. you follow the sign... you are teleported to richmond.

and erin had:

a similar breakfast, but without the pile of strawberries and sugar.
comments: click erin's lunch to see a titlshift wiggly of a log boom. that's all.



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