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Monday, June 22, 2009

true lunch waits

pea shoots
from: legendary noodle house (main & 26th)
price: well, the whole meal was about $30
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to: radiohead
comments: I met ritchie for lunch today. we went to possibly the best place on main street, legendary noodle house. it truly is legendary, and so delicious. click to see my car kind of in a car show from the weekend. the east van show and shine at the Whip. good father's day venture.

also had:

vermicelli and spinach in peanut sauce
comments: this is possibly my favourite dish here. it's so good. click to see a girl from the car show.


the lamb shank noodle soup
comments: ok, maybe this is my favourite dish. tough call. click to see more car show.

and finally:

juicy pork dumplings
comments: hmmm... this dish, too, is very delicious. all so good. this linked image is a guy doing some pin striping at the car show. nice stuff. if you want to see all the wigglies I made, you can by going here

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