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Monday, June 15, 2009

no eat lunch today.

car free day, main street!
comment: I did not eat lunch today. but took lots of pics on the weekend, so you get to see them here. sunday was 'car free' day on main street. 12th to 25th was all blocked off and people milled about in the milling fashion. it was good fun. as you can see there were a lot of people. click to see a wiggly of it. in the wiggly, is Valeria! I didn't even see her until well after taking this photo. can you find her? I think Brian is the only one who has a chance to win this challenge. also at the event were many performers like this balancing guy and this very entertaining singer named mike soviet.

and the return-it guy...

got married?
comments: click this one to see a wiggly of city hall that turned out quite well. I stopped by there to see the flower boxes that erin helped build (check the big yard behind city hall for these) and to take some pics of the charger of course.


comments: I don't know if I mentioned it, but I bought a camera in Japan. cuz that's what I need. more cameras. this is the Ricoh CX1 which has a couple cool features. like HDR in-camera, and the burst mode I used to make this video. it bursts 30 frames or 120 frames in a second. but only for a second. I used the 30 frame mode to make this video. the music is by James Thomas. see his lunch this wednesday.



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