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Thursday, June 25, 2009

let's make lunch tonight

burger, yam fries, n brew
from: The Whip
price: almost $25
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: marvin gaye
comments: putting bacon on this burger made it over $16. craaaazy. I know. and I'm unemployed, so it hurts even more. but it was very tasty. not $16 tasty, more like $10-12 tasty. that's why the low rating. click to see 3 interesting fellas looking about the window on main street.

and dave had:

a whip burger
comments: click dave's burger to see the bookstore where I bought a couple $1 books on the way home.

and travis had:

a veggie buger
comments: click travis's lunch to see another view of main street... that, by the way, is today's theme of wigglies.

and phil had:

also a burger
comments: in this linked wiggly, look for the dangling compact disks that decorate this building. odd, yes. and it always gets my attention when walking by cuz they so shiny. I'm like a crow that way.

and dana had:

would you believe a burger?
comments: click dana's lunch for the most interesting of these wigglies. three girls all tarted up and hanging out at the chevron. what doesn't main street have??



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