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Saturday, May 09, 2009

special weekend -did not eat- post.

spot prawns (I did not eat)
from: the spot prawn festival
comments: I don't usually post my lunches on the weekends. and this post does not break that tradition, as I did not partake in this festival. I was merely observing, and wiggly-creating. the main reason I did not partake is because of the crazy long lines. but it was interesting to witness. the prawn shown here was just some stranger's lunch.

and tojo made:

the prawns.
comments: all the big chefs in vancouver were at this festival making food for everyone. I snapped this awesome picture of vancouver's most famous japanese chef, Tojo, whilst he was handling a prawn. awesome. you want more awesome? how about a flying erin or a cool little honey stand in kits where you can just buy honey on the street.


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