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Monday, May 18, 2009

japan - day 5

from: some bakery r something
price: no idea
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: today we hopped a bullet train to kyoto, then another train to nara, then back to kyoto for the night. click to see a bullitt train gif. it's a big gif.

and greg had:

tonkatsu sandwich
comments: greg loved this sandwich. in nara, we visited this cool school-group-infested buddhist temple and the surrounding park where very tame deer roamed freely. click to see a pic of a deer crackin' the funniest ever jokes. some funny deer, I tell ya.

and nicole had:

an openface toasted like sandwich
comments: click nicole's lunch to see a wiggly taken from above the todai-ji temple area. on an unrelated note, so many things are so cute in japan, in kyoto, we found that even the police station's wanted posters are cute. funny, huh?

and ritchie had:

a samich, too
comments: click to see ritchie answering the temple's phone. this was also the night of our most-expensive hotel. since we paid so much, we had to be sure to make use of all APA Hotel's Always Pleasant Amenity.

and the most interesting thing eaten from a vending machine was:

chicken nuggets. heated.
comments: I remember hearing tales of how you can buy anything from japanese vending machines. I didn't find any of these magical vending machines anywhere, but there was always drinks and snacks machines. and of those, the best one we saw was this one, which microwaved your food before serving it.

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