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Saturday, May 16, 2009

japan - day 3

tiny burger-meal-shaped donuts!
comments: this was actually breakfast, but again, I just had to post it. there's a donut shop called Mister Donut all over japan, and they had this cross-over promotion with Mos Burger where they make these tiny burger-like donuts. the patty is choclate, and there's jam or macha filling in them. so cute! and tasty. the fries were not as good cuz I forgot about them ni my bag till the end of the day. click to see the Tokyo Station building.

and lunch was:

from: the shin-yokohama RAMEN MUSEUM!
price: about 1000 yen
rating: &&&&,4/&&&&&
comments: today we changed our lodging from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to Shin-Yokohama due to a lack of vacancies. but I'm glad we did. cuz had we not, we would have never been to the Ramen Museum!! or "Ramusement Park" if you prefer. upstairs, there's a brief little museum-y area where they show the history of ramen. all in japanese, of course :( click to see on of the displays that showed the historical packaging of instant noodles.

and greg had:

comments: the downstairs of the ramen museum was something quite extraordinary. there was a fake old fashioned village built with different restaurants where you could try many different types of ramen. since we were still near tokyo, the tokyo-style ramen restaurants had almost no line ups. but the further away places (like Sapporo) were way too lined up for us. and we were hungry. click to see the inside of this place.

ritchie or nicole had:

ramen, too
comments: for the rest of our day, we went to Yokohama. where we visited their Chinatown and the big amusement park where we went on the giant ferris wheel to see the sites of the city from way up above. click the pic to see the roller coaster that descends into the earth. or you can see greg and ritchie about to enter the pool/earth part of it. can you see them? right above the fountainy splash.



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