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Friday, May 15, 2009

japan - day 2

comments: this was breakfast. I thought I'd post it cuz it was good. today we started our day by going to the tsukiji fish market. not at 5am, like the guidebooks all say you should (to see the fish auction, particularly the tuna). click to see the outside of the market.

and lunch was:

some kinda mos burger
from: mos burger
price: ok, I doubt i'll be remembering any prices from this trip
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
comments: after the market, we toured around the Ginza area. which is a fancy shopping area. with stores like tiffany's. we checked out a few shops, including the apple store, but like every apple store I've been to... you go in, then look around, then realize there's nothing really very special about it. I buy my macs online. but it's still cool, somehow.

and ritchie also had:

a burger
comments: click to see one of the oh so many fancy buildings in ginza.

and greg had:

also a burger
comments: click greg's hands to see a billboard for a new VW Scirocco. bringing back the old name. wonder if we'll be getting them here, too. if you want to see a larger crop of that pic, click here. the high rise elevators are cool in it.

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