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Friday, April 17, 2009

stop! in the name of lunch

from: Splitz Grill
price: $11ish for combo
rating: &&&&.8/&&&&&
listening to: the supremes
comments: today we were recognized from LATV fame. true story. the people at splitz burger saw bill, and recognized him from all the wigglies. they told us they thought the wigglies were pretty darn cool. so stuff it, russ! :) click to see where I was before lunch... watching the NWCAV student chefs graduating from their term. can you see erin in the photo? she's there. her next step is to do the pastries course, starting in a week or so. you go, girl!

and bill had:

the lentil burger
comments: click bill's lunch to see the inclement weather that was gathering all day. fortunately, it didn't rain on me while waiting for my co-lunchers.

and Rojelio and Kevin split:

a tuna burger and a spicy italian sausage burger
comments: I think kevin takes the Splitz name too seriously and is never happy with his own burger. but this time I did not split with him. although the burgers there are all delicious, I always find the lamb burger is the most deliciousest of them all. click to see my co-lunchers about to join me.



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