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Friday, April 24, 2009

can't explain. I think it's lunch. I'll say it to you when I feel blue.

the 'stinger' burger
from: Vera's burgers (commercial drive)
price: $11ish for combo
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: the who
comments: I had lunch with brenda and ritchie today. brenda was in town from brussels, and had the chocolates to prove it. this burger I had was really good. it made up for the crap vera's experience I had at the main st. location. click to see ritchie's pocket motorbike. pretty sweet. he got it for $70. very sweet.

and brenda had:

a vera's burger
comments: click to see what is probably the most awesome photo from brenda's visit to the 'couve.

and ritchie had

a burger too. go figure.
comments: click ritchie's blurry burger to see another blurry pic. this one is primarily to show you the size of this pocket bike. it's like his little red bike, but with a motor! and not red.



Blogger iTripped said...


April 28, 2009 11:49 AM  
Anonymous brenda said...

i swear i enjoyed my burger!! what a grumpyface i have!!!

May 06, 2009 8:21 AM  

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