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Thursday, March 12, 2009

lunch. I don't like to see so much pain.

sushi extravaganza including this sashimi
from: the clubhouse
price: lots
rating: good!
listening to: peter gabriel
comments: today we ate a bunch of foods at the clubhouse. it was pretty tasty. click to see jesus and his family chillin' in a window front.

and bill had:

some tofu curry
comments: click bill's lunch to see him doing some strange dance whilst stuck to a wall.

and the beer was:

comments: so they gave us a free (colder) pitcher. and stuck our warm pitcher on ice. mmm... beer. click to see who served us today.

and for dessert I had:

an appley cakey
comments: dave organized a bake sale at work today to raise money for his upcoming charity bike ride. holly made this appley cake and it was really yummy. click to see some socially conscious graffiti. or is that supposed to just be called 'art'?



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