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Friday, March 13, 2009

goodbye navarik!!

brioche bun and muffin
from: Swiss Bakery
price: $2.40 x 100?
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: so, today was my final day at navarik. I thought it was about time I gave props to Swiss Bakery, and the girls there who've made my mornings delicious for the past year or so. you see, every morning I go in and get a muffin and a brioche bun. the muffin is breakfast, the brioche bun is because the muffin isn't quite enough, and it's only 70 cents. so, after a while of getting the same food, they started pre-packaging it for me, and having it ready every time I came in. so nice. thanks swiss bakery girls! oh, and click to see my final tally for top-listened songs while I was at navarik. its a little scary to realize that most of the top 20 were video game related songs (see red dots).

and for lunch (part2) I had:

comments: the burgers were from Splitz Grill. since there were 5 of us leaving today, a group went out for lunch. a group of 16 people! crazy. the burgers were delicious, as usual. click to see one of the 3 tables. we filled.

and tommy had:

a tuna burger
comments: there were many lunches to take photos of. but most were blurry and wasted. oh well. click to see chris sadly sitting all by himself. I guess it's because he stinks?

and lunch #3 was:

beers and catered appetizers
comments: the farewell party was tasty and awesome. also, we had a record number of people on the roof! 16 peeps went out there to see where I'd been disappearing to every afternoon for the last year or so. click to see a bunch of those people spinning in place. magic!

more appys
comments: click to see what it looks like when people throw their hand in the air when they truly do no care. who cares the least? hard to say. you want one more roof wiggly? here's a standing still fail.

ok, this post is getting way too big and out of control. one more thing I'd like to say, it's been fun working with you all, and I'm sure some of us will again! ok, ONE more thing to say, something I noticed while posting this, every time I leave a job, I eat burgers. I did it at webct and atimi and now here. where next? who knows. not me.



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good luck

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