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Friday, February 27, 2009

might as well face it, you're addicted to lunch

vietnamese subs
from: Bale
price: $8.225 pour trois
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: robert palmer
comments: oh man. quite the eventful friday. I found another accessible carpark roof in chinatown, phil treated the office to waffles, I saw UFOs, and bill got fillings for the first time in his life. check out this attempt at a full smile. ha. it was too out-of-focus to make a wiggly out of it. click my lunch to see one of the views from the rooftop.

and tommy had:

comments: click tommy's sandwich to see a warped wiggly of the 'couve. word.

and the office was treated to:

waffles! from Patisserie Lebeau
comments: the techops boys were kind enough to spend wads of their cash on waffles for the rest of the office. or maybe it was just phil? I'm not sure about that. travis, too? I know phil ordered one of each type of waffle, and travis order 6 waffles, but maybe travis et all 6 of his. he's crazy like that. click to see burnaby and the mountains behind. I think those mountains are Golden Ears, but I'm not sure. Russ, is it golden ears??

and the sky had:

some UFOs
comments: so, this afternoon, I was gazing out the window, and saw a shiny tiny object moving slowly through the sky. I pointed it out to bill, and he noticed there were others. they looked like they were moving about the speed of satellites, but I never saw a satellite in the daylight before... but that's feasible, right? you might see one or two? but as we stared, we noticed more and more, so I ran to grab my camera. bbil said he saw 8 of them. I, myself, saw 5. of course, the camera I had at the office is horrible at focussing when zoomed in 40X. so this photo here is the largest, I could get of one of them. and in the linked photo, you will see 2 of these UFOs. pretty crazy. our only theories are:
1) satellites (but 8 of them?! all heading the same direction?? illogical)
2) mylar balloons (just maybe they weren't as far away as they looked, and they were simply released shiny balloons)
3) weather balloons (but again.. 8 of them?? illogical!)
4) high altitude military spyships (again... 8 of them!? over vancouver?!?!)
5) aliens (doubtful)



Blogger Russ Weeks said...

Yeah, I think it's Golden Ears. And there's no reason those things couldn't have been alien military mylar balloon spyship satellites. C'mon man, think outside of the box.

March 02, 2009 9:42 AM  

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