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Monday, January 26, 2009

lunch. in the middle of the afternoon.

tagliarini (pork ragu)
from: campagnolo
price: free (qa team lunch)
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: spiritualized
comments: dave took the qa peeps put for a team lunch today. to a fancy place in an unfancy neighbourhood. very tasty food. but I doubt I'd go back there to often, cuz I'm no millionaire. but it sure was nice getting to eat such a fancy lunch. tommy and yvette also had this pasta. click to see the door of the restaurant wigglin it up.

and dave had:

comments: click to see a random wiggly building.

we also had:

a latte (delicious)

ceci (flash-fried chick peas... very good)

pate di campagna (yum)

a nutella tart (tommy seemed to like it)

venison sausage (very tasty)
comments: I had so many pics of the food, I just had to use them. and linked underneath are all random photos taken with craig's D90 last weekend. last, last weekend, that is. when there was lots of fog.



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