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Friday, January 30, 2009

crazy little thing called lunch

lamb burger
from: vera's burger, rings n beer
price: $15 ish
rating: &&/&&&&&
listening to: queen
comments: what a gong show of a lunch today. it started with me trying to get my car, so we could have splitz burgers. that was a fail. erin was sick, and didn't take the car to school. so we settled for vera's. whose lamb burger pales in comparison to Splitz's. they also had no fries. and once we were sipping our beers, and waiting for food, they decided to tell us that there were no veggie patties left. so bill couldn't eat. oh well, I doubt I'll be going back to vera's any time soon... if ever. so lame. but at least now I know that someone CAN beat vera's meat... that someone is Splitz Burgers!! click to see the video I finally put together from one of those foggy lunches a week or two ago. the music is from killerX57's new Alien Serenades album, and feature me on the bass!

and bill had:
a jame-dog burrito from Budgie's Burrito's.
comments: click (bill's name) to see bill gazing longingly at a billboard. otherwise, click the pic to see an awesome wiggly of city hall. awesome.

and louise had:

her stitches looked at
comments: louise's stitches seem to be healing fine. you can follow her adventures on her blog. or you can click her paw to see her wearing her protective duct tape bootie. I also made a wiggly of her stitches but it was a little too much to display on this page. you can click to see it if you like.



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