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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm especially good at expectorating, ptoooi!

butter chicken
from: Pita Star (across from Swiss Bakery)
price: $10.28 (2 orders)
rating: &&/&&&&&
listening to: Gaston.
comments: I finally tried the butter chicken at Pita Star today. it's quite tasty, actually. but I give it a very low rating. why?? I tell you. I went in there at about 2:30. after the lunch rush, so I was the only customer. I waited maybe 10-20 minutes for them to prepare my butter chicken, and head back to work with it. when I got there and opened it up, the chicken was totally cold. not cold, like it had cooled in the 2 minute walk back to work, but cold like it was not heated at all. the rice and naan were warm, but cold chicken and sauce! lame! after reheating it, it was really quite tasty. and the naan was amazing. enough of that. click to see today's amazing sunset.

and tommy had:

a fine looking sandwich
comments: click to see bill killed, once again. kids, don't try this at home. cooking your head in the microwave is a bad idea.



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