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Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm here on a mission to put you outa commission

buncha stuff
from: Green Lettuce
price: fair
rating: &&&&/&&&&&&
listening to: man factory (E Honda's Concern)
comments: today we drove to lunch. very rare treat. and I got to try a great restaurant. the stuff we ordered was mostly normal chinese food, but with indian spices. very tasty. it's on Kingsway near victoria, if you've never been there. you should go. it's good. click to see Neil being a model.

and kevin had:

the same
comments: kevin just returned from an 11-week work trip to venezuela. I think he's pretty stoked to be home. click his lunch to see my local fire station's captain old mercury. pretty nice... for a ford.

and sumant had:

the same! we all shared, ok!?
comments: so, there's this thing that tommy and I do at work. shoot rubber bands at each other. my way of doing that is to try to bounce my shots off the ceiling, and hopefully get them in his drink. doesn't happen very often. but we always seem to have less and less ammo. today I climbed up to the ceiling and looked in this little beam that's up there. there's maybe a 1 inch opening atop this beam, and that's where I found 21 elastics!!! crazy. click to see.



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