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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

pastrami on rye and spinach salad
from: Solly's
price: $12.34
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: the beyattles
comments: we tried to go for ramen today. fail. there was a line up. just a couple weeks of being open and that place already has queues. bah. so we went to solly's and listened to andy complain that his sandwich and salad cost him over $12. mine was not as good as usual. oh well. click to see our office from a random rooftop that we got to after lunch (7th and Manitoba).

and tommy had:

light lunch, with motza ball!
comments: click tommy's lunch to see godzilla taking the 'couve down! GOJIIIRAAAA!~!!

and andy had:

a bagel sandwich and salad
comments: click andy's lunch to see him and tommy about to descend from the rooftop. we were lucky that there were no meetings in that building, as the meeting room shares a big glass wall with the staircase we snuck up. sneak sneak sneak.



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