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Monday, September 08, 2008

and the street was slick and shiny as a snake

steakhouse burger
from: BK
price: $8ish
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: kris kristofferson
comments: hadn't been to burger king in a while. now I have. click to see those awesome Chargers again. or you can look at jason in the paper.

and dave had:

a king supreme burger
comments: my steakhouse burger was pretty funny cuz the patty is so big, but the bun's no bigger. click dave's lunch to see his king supreme compared to my steakhouuuuse. crazy.

and tommy had:

2 fish sandwiches
comments: yikes. tommy's crazy. click to see a strange gif from the car show. it looks like cobra commander saw right through that fake beard. didn't see what happened after, he just quietly followed him off.

bonus video!

so these guys we met in langley are kinda stunt men. that guy in that video is also the guy in this video doing the flip on the snowmobile at the beginning. crazy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason looks well fed. I wonder if he is growing a beer belly as well. He maybe catching up with you. Wakakkaka


September 09, 2008 1:27 PM  

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