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Monday, June 02, 2008

Lyin' on the pavement with a misery on his brain

burrito and pain killers
from: best burrito (and london drugs)
price: for both?
rating: &&&.5/&&&&& (burrito) &&&&&/&&&&& (painkillers)
listening to: steppenwolf
comments: so last weekend I did 2 things, really. bought another camera, threw out my back. in that order. bah. back pain sucks. not so bad with drugs. why do I need another camera, you ask?

because they rule:

and with these two cameras... oh yeah, did I mention its the same model I already got? ... with these cameras, someone has made some software that lets you link them together and shoot at incredibly high sync speeds. this means, I can freeze time and make it wiggly. yes, I spent $300 to make more wiggly gifs. if you're a gif-hater, you may as well leave now. Jamey, I'm talkin to you. click the cameras to see the infinite loop bill made by photographing one of the cameras shooting the other. cool. or you can see sumant trying to be british.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's what i call 'minimalist porn theory'

July 28, 2008 9:58 AM  

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