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Friday, May 09, 2008

true story: the burger below came from McDonald's.

angus burger
from: McDonalds. yeah, McDonalds!!
price: $6 for the burger
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
comments: holy crapsicle! the photographed burger above was indeed made at McDonald's. and it even tasted as good as it looks there. but you can't really tell from that wiggly gif. click on it to see it bigger. my only complaint is that the bun is a bit small. I think that's their way of showing off real food stuffs inside it. yeah, that's CHEDDAR! but overall, McD's has created a really good burger. f'reals.

and loong had:

some goofy little burgers, when he coulda had the Angus burger.
comments: click this pic to see me stalking Teo at the bus stop a block away. bwa ha ha.

and neil didn't have:

a huge pile of ketchup. or is it catsup?
comments: click neil's condiment stash to see andy playing Halo in cooperative mode. hahaha. co-op. ha.



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