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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

would you like to learn to fly? would you like to see me try?

sushi fun!
from: the clubhouse
price: treat for working OT
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: luther wright and the wrongs
comments: dave had the company buy a few of us lunch today, because of some surprise OT. thanks dave! click that pic of the holy roll to see what lives on neil's desk. I should warn you... your brain may explode if you look at it for over 30 seconds.

and there was also:

lots of sashimi.
comments: click it to see to see the old webct office. I kinda went crazy mixing the gif-style, and the miniature toy style. oh, also I'd like to say... hey bruce cockburn, here they are! and I'm wondering if he's still wondering now.

and also at the clubhouse was:

comments: click him to see what I consider the best condition for any ford. zingu!

and here's a special bonus danger lunch:

ma-POW! tofu
comments: while I ws in the kitchen today, darren was microwavering his lunch. I think he microwaved to intensely, because it cracked his bowl in half. crazy. it didn't actually come apart, though. he was able to remove it and dump it into a new bowl. and if I see him at work on wednesday, I'll know that he didn't eat any shards of glass by accident. although, I did tell him to google 'glass eating' just to quickly learn the technique... in case.



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