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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

matter a fact, make mines a double

lemon chickenfish
from: Laura's Cafe
price: $6ish
rating: &&/&&&&&
listening to: danger doom
comments: so we tried Laura's Cafe again. this time, not so good as the last. I ordered lemon chicken. I got a piece of fish, a piece of chicken on a bed of old noodles. meh. really not that good. click to see my gif world.

and phil had:

(chicken, )fish n chips
comments: yeah. turns out phil had my chicken, and I had his fish. not that that mattered, cuz I really couldn't tell the difference in the tastes. yikes. next time, I stick with the $5 burger. when phil left the company, he was very secretive about where his new office was. even though he ended up telling us, andy and I couldn't resist tracking him back to work and photographing evidence. busted.

meanwhile dave had:

some noodles.
comments: dave also accidentally dropped his new business card into his soup. hee hee. so, of course, I had to take a picture. in the linked photo you see Louise after a little paw surgery she had. they had to remove a growth or infection or something that was causing her to limp, and getting worse. poor little thing. here's a close up of her paw that they shaved to run the IV.



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