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Saturday, September 29, 2007

people shufflin their feet, people sleepin in their shoes

sea bass congee
from: congee noodle house
price: $5ish
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
listening to: neil
comments: so good the congee. yes. they were out of donuts, though, so me in my ingenuity went to Kam's bakery/restaurant around the corner and got some. I go to Kam's every morning for something to munch on the way to work. they're good. click the pic to see what's across the street from my office.

and dave had:

a pizza sandwich
comments: dave brought lunch from home and made a sandwich. yay. click the pic to see the hearse I walk by eveyday.

bonus section:
after work, I did my old walk down to the atimi office. aaah what a walk! where else can you see stuff like autumn in the park or an old lady smacking her butt while walking through said park. then I heard comeone calling my name, and looked pu to see
an old high school friend waving. and of course, there was the
bench guy I always used to see when passsing by science world and skaters doing kickflips to board slides. and of course, a man eating a watermelon. and the end of the walk signified by the steam clock. once I got there, we came back out to get drinks. and I commented to Mike that we should tel the crowd that it's just a clock, so Mike yelled at them. "IT'S JUST A CLOCK!!!" awesome. while having drinks, pierre showed off the first iphone I've seen in action. and the night ended with beers on zoltan's roof. fun. so, if you're wondering why the linked pics on the blogs just aren't what they used to be... well... I just don't walk as far anymore.



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