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Friday, August 03, 2007

controlled by gamma light

burger n brew
from: Johnnie fox's irish pub
price: i forget
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listeing to: kool keith
comments: a nice long walk to granville and nelson? helmken? anyway. an irish pub. what we thought zoltan's apartment would look like. but it never did. the burger was really good. the beer-battered fries were amazing. so good. click the pic to see our lunch crew posing with a picture of Zoltan that they had out front.

and morgan had:

mac n cheese
comments: morgan said the mac n cheese was really good. now click the pic to see where we went at the end of the day. yeah. the beach. the real beach. no east side beach, but jericho. nicky ed and I went to possibly the best place in the city to enjoy a summer pint. the jericho sailing centre. the funny thing is that I thought our $5.55 Kilkennys were expensive at johnnie fox's were expensive.... but at jericho, it was over $12 for two pints of Rickard's Red in plastic cups. iyiyiy. nice to be at the beach on a friday afternoon, though.



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