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Friday, July 27, 2007

quit me job today!

pulled pork sandwich
from: DIX BBQ and brewery
price: --
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: yeah. so I quit my job. fun. yeah. and this lunch was my 2nd interview for my new job. which I got. more on that in a couple weeks. :) I forgot my camera at lunch. hmm.. what do you do when you have: a) a lunch blog. b) a lunch-interview and c) you forget your camera? well, you get your new boss to take the pictures. thanks dave! and if you click my lunch, you will see the zombie we call Zoltan right after his presidential assassination attempts. I think he survived, though. so yes, a bunch of work people (current job, not new one) went to the paintball fields to get covered with little bruises. fun.

and dave had:

chicken club sandwich?
comments: I think dave liked his lunch, too. I guess he can't really bring louise to lunches too often. but I'll get to see her at my new office often enough. and if you click this pic, you will see the Illuminares lantern festival that happened on the weekend. tons of people milling about trout lake park. very hard to take good pics, though. if you use flash, you lose the lanterns' effect. if you long expose, nothing wants to hold still for you. oh well. it was pretty cool to wander around the lake.



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