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Thursday, May 17, 2007

helicopter + military ship = hockey trophy. zuh?

it's thursday
comments: today there was some excitement at the office. the power was blown in the morning, so things were oddly running at half power. but thats not the exciting part. the exciting part was the HMCS Vancouver pulling into the harbour, then a coast guard helicopter approached it. some guy went form the helicopter to the ship, then a box went from the ship to the copter, then the guy returned to the copter, then left. very exciting. and yes, I got pics. click this lunch to see the little man.

and the cake was:

comments: the funny thing is that I just watched "the guardian" the night before. and then I got to see the real thing. crazy. I put a gwilli-stylee video of it on youtube but I'm gonna try to get a better quality vid there later. this one is crap. so click the pie to see the memorial cup. and if you think I'm making all this up, you can read this article.

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