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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

fly on, little wing

sushi special with miso
from: spinroll
price: $7.37
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: Hendrix
comments: you can click this pic, to see an art car, but wouldn't you rather skip to the 3rd lunch for the tom petty update?

and stephane had:

a shwarma or something
comments: click stephane's lunch to see the crows out front.

and the cake was:

tom petty's freedom celebration cake
comments: it was freedom day for Tom Petty. that's right. when I got into work, Tom Petty was gone. and honestly, the evidence points towards him leaving on his own accord. there was no sign of struggle, and to get out of the box, he basically had to learn to fly. so, we wish him well in his future endeavors and hope he comes back to visit. maybe he already did? click the cake to see what I spotted on the top of the building. and now I leave you with one last photo of Tom Petty

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Blogger iTripped said...

Doesn't it make you all misty eyed when your babies grow up and leave home?

May 17, 2007 9:50 AM  
Blogger Reagan White said...

In the case of my two sons, it's not happening soon enough. ;-)

May 17, 2007 12:46 PM  
Blogger killerX57 said...

buy me a drink, sing me a song, take me as i am, cause i can't stay long...
fly on tom petty, fly on!!
this time i's glad i's wrong!

May 17, 2007 6:59 PM  

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