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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

with weird and gilly and the spiders from mars

ginger beef andn pepper stteak on noodles
from: the sizzling wok (canada place food court)
price: $6.99
rating: &&.5/&&&&&
listening to: david bowie
comments: today's meal was dissappointing. the sizzling wok is no Amazing Wok, and the Amazing Wok is no Yi Kou Xiang. oh well. where I ate lunch made it worth it. sitting with the tourists out around Canada Place. click my lunch to see the office form across the water. you can tell which building it is because I used iPhotos red-eye-reduction tool on it. and if you wanna geek out, click here to see what was going on under my desk today.

and ed had:

veggie combo
from: sizzling wok
comments: ed was tricked into getting an egg roll. they made it sound like part of the meal until pay-time came. plus he thought the food was sub-par, like I did. very greazy. click to see harbour patrol chasing us.


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