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Monday, March 19, 2007

that dump truck hit me in the butt

some kinda congee
from: New Town Bakery/Restaurant
price: $5ish
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: dirty friday
comments: aaah, New Town. so good. unfortunately, the congee I ordered didn't have much of the pork or other food items I thought I ordered. it seemed to be riddled with lotus seeds, though. I'm not the biggest fan of the lotus seeds. they're good in moderation, but I thought I listed 3 different things that would be in my congee. and all I could find was lotus seeds. next time I'll get steamed buns. since they rock. now click the pic to finally see the time lapse I've been working on. it's just like looking out the office window... for 36 hours straight.... and sped up.... with Dump Truck playing. that's what it's like.

and henderson white cake had:

pot stickers
comments: I'm not sure how keen white cake was on this meal. he didn't seem overly keen. click the pic to see the purty rainbow I saw on the way home. what I liked about this particular rainbow was that it went in front of the building.

and ed had:

veggie steamed buns, and a chinese donut rice roll
comments: ed seemed to like his meal. he's a big fan of the New Town



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