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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

taco tuesday!!

4 beef tacos and mexi fries
from: Taco Time (Tinseltown food court)
price: $5.88
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
comments: went to tinseltown's food court today. lots of options there. a lot of the heat-lamp foods looked like they'd been sitting a while. so we went to taco time. because it was time for tacos and it was Taco Tuesday, the day in which beef tacos are ninety-nine cents. yum. they were pretty good.

and kylee had:

bean burrito?
comments: ok, I think I'm done guest lunch reviews. unless I"m given a review by the guest, it's just too much work to get one every day. you can still see the food, though. and even better... you can still click the pics. this time, you will see the coolest car I see walking to work (click my lunch) and the coolest car I see walking home from work (click this lunch). of course, I'm excluding my charger, since I don't see much of it with the car cover and all.


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