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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AUGUST 16, 2006

lunch and dinner from my first day in DC. including random guest meals. I'm not rating all these. enjoy the linked pics. can you tell what erin's tattoo was made of?


Blogger ween said...

It looks like a nail file or something, hummm. I like Erin's peko-chan bag. That group photo took me about 10 seconds to download (Good to see sugarto couple!) I am wondering if "Shaw high-speed Internet Light" is good enough from the next month.

August 27, 2006 8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics!
let me guess... Washington... Mxxxxx... reflection pool? :P

August 28, 2006 3:43 PM  
Blogger gwilli said...

you win, jeff!!!!

you win nothing.

but good work.

August 31, 2006 1:13 PM  

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