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Monday, June 26, 2006

walking down the road, with a pistol on your waist

A4 (I think)
from: HK Chinese Food
price: $5.50+tax
rating: &&&.3/&&&&
listening to: "The Harder They Come" soundtrack (this blog title song: The Slickers)
comments: this was not as good at the A9. maybe it's because it's not some fancy new combo that I never seen before. maybe it just wasn't as good. the main reason was that the shishkabob was way too overcooked and cold. oh well. next time maybe the shrimp kabobs? now, if you click on the pics, you will see that I'm on youtube now. well, I got a couple crappy quality videos there. this one is better than the following one, methinks.

and kylee had:

veggie sandwich on multigrain with avocado and mustard
from: Only U Café
price: $5.09
rating: Patrick Stewart would recommend this sandwich
comments: kylee says, "A super fantastical sandwich of magnanimous proportions. As soon as my tummy starts to rumble, I throw my hands in the air and yell “I gots ta git me one of those!” it’s the avocado. The sweet, sweet avocado. And some crazy herbs they put on it. Uh, stay away from the soup tho – not good. And their baked goods were moldy once, so maybe stay away from those too…"


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