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Monday, June 05, 2006

and I"m gonna drown the ocean

from: curry point
price: $6
rating: curr/curry
listening to: modest mouse
comments: it was curry monday. I'll let you imagine how good it was. click the pic to see a book I want.

and jeff had:

sesame chicken + brocolli + eggplant
from: my home cuisine
price: $5
rate: xx.5 /xxxx
comments: jeff says, "my lunch is colourful. RED sesame chicken + GREEN brocolli + PURPLE eggplant, and I am starting to get cold lunch everyday. guess why? the red chicken looks good, at least it looks clean. according to Dave C., red food is always good." now click the pic for... well.. just click the pic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually red food isn't always good. red food is always better than the same type of food if it isn't red.
so you can have crappy food compared with crappy food plus red food coloring which will be better than the crappy food, but it can still suck.

June 10, 2006 3:47 PM  

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